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Current Technology for Future Data

Easy and fast reliable data entry for regulatory inspections

Technology at Your Fingertips

What's so special...?

EH Manager is a software solution that leverages the most current cloud and mobile technologies to efficiently record and manage environmental health data for inspections, licensing, complaints, plan review, and enforcement. What makes this product so special is that the application was fully constructed and tested by real field inspectors. This unique situation allowed us to build a database solution that closely follows the common data collection practices that is efficient and accurate for typical Environmental Health program areas.  Currently integrated program areas for inspection include:

  • Food & Beverage 

  • Lodging

  • Vacation Home Rentals

  • Manufactured Home Parks

  • Recreational Camp Grounds

  • Children/Youth Camps

  • Swimming Pools

  • Seasonal/Temporary Food Stands/Food Carts

  • Special Event Food Stands

  • Special Event Camping Areas

Self-Assessment tracking and reporting features now integrated!!

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Feature Set (highlights):

  • Log and maintain establishment equipment inventories (sanitizers, temperatures, lodging, swimming pool mechanicals/chemistry);

  • Automated CFP (Conference for Food Protection) report generation - Current version (specific State form);

  • Automated cover letters for each inspection report (user defined for each program area);

  • Automated electronic file cabinet in Dropbox (county/city storage and sorting of documents);

  • Document management: store up to 48 documents, pictures, or media for each establishment;

  • Barcode generation on license renewal forms and license certificates (allows quick search of establishments);

  • Email and USPS mailing address verification for establishments;

  • Signature capture on iPhone and iPad;

  • Automatically generate an electronic file cabinet folder structure from your data (County/City/establishment name)

  • Bookmark commonly used violations;

  • Automated clear/re-issue violations; 

  • Assign specific staff to establishments and track;

  • On-the fly spell checking of text fields;

  • Exporting tools to get data into other formats (such as Excel/CSV);

  • Track plan review progress for establishments;

  • Automated email reports to establishments of fully assembled reports from PC or Apple Device;

  • Integration with Google Maps and Google driving (distance/time) tools;

  • Automatically geocode (latitude-longitude) locations by their mailing addresses (Google API);

  • Integration with Apple Maps on mobile devices for instant driving directions to your establishments;

  • Integration with Google Translation services for communication enhancements on reports (currently converts into 12 languages);

  • Generate single and batch license renewals/invoices and license certificates for establishments;

  • Generate Food Safety Award Certificates automatically with agency configurable parameters;

  • Performance Reports and Graphs for teams and individual users (Due Inspections, Inspection Frequency, Risk Factors Issued, Orders Issued, Activity, and many more...)

  • Integration with Pushover mobile app for instant notifications when generating a report (great for groups)- for Desktop/Apple Devices/Apple Watch.

  • On-screen follow-up notification triggered by agency defined values (Currently only food inspections);

  • Powerful and fast searching engine (allowing nearly unlimited searching combinations) for data extraction and counts;

  • NEW!! Integration with Google Forms. Ability to send out self-assessment form to operators for minimum contact inspections (COVID compliant no-contact process).

  • NEW!! Inspector Equipment Log to quickly store and track calibrations for temperature measuring devices;

  • NEW!! Webview of Due Inspections with convenient search/sort directly in the web HTML file.

  • NEW!! Data Link/Integration with the FDA food recall system to easily read and search for recalls in your area.


Game-Changing Tool for EH Data

Finally, a tool built by EH inspectors for EH inspectors...

Real-Time Data

EH data can be entered and shared in real-time through the cloud database. No "importing/exporting/syncing" routines to manage.


EH Manager was designed to be affordable for agencies with 1 to 10 concurrent users but can be scaled up to accommodate up to 100 users simultaneously. No in-house IT server, IT staff, or resources are necessary.

Top Security

SSL 256 Bit Encryption for Cloud Connections. Username and password authentication for system access. Fast biometric (fingerprint or facial recognition) login on Apple Devices.


Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Choose your device...

EH Manager can be accessed from any Windows computer, iPhone, or iPad device connected to the internet. Web browser connections also supported for specific features. Data entered into the system on any of these connected devices can be instantly accessed on the other devices. In addition, a small single user office can run the database locally on a laptop that isn't connected to the internet for more flexibility. A low learning curve and data entry speed was a cornerstone of the design.

Leverage Web Services

EH Manager takes full advantage of high-tech API web services tools such as Google, Pushover, Dropbox, USPS, and Email Verification. These services elevate the feature set and capabilities of EH Manager.

Whats Needed to Run It?

EH Manager runs on the Latest FileMaker 2023 platform.

  • Microsoft Windows running FileMaker Pro 2023;

  • iPad/iPhone requires FileMaker Go 20 on iOS 13.x;

  • FileMaker Cloud required for multi-user configuration;

  • Single user configuration requires single user license of FileMaker 2023.

We've Come a Long Way

A decade long dream for data collection...

EH Manager has been a dream product by the developer for over a decade. Only recently has the technology caught up to the vision and been able to deliver a realistic product that can leverage an ever growing cloud application world and limited "paper" generation. As cloud computing becomes more and more common and network connections get faster, database applications such as EH Manager can be realized and continue to mature. 

Product developer is the 2019 recipient of the Minnesota Environmental Health Association (MEHA) Professional of the Year Award and 2019 Merrit Award from the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA). 


What People are Saying

Real-time equals saved time...

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The ease of use of the system, and the “real time” data capture features are very unique...

there’s no stress with this system, that data is safe from the moment you hit the keyboard

Kent S., RS

It was so much easier and efficient than our old Access database, what a big improvement!

Michelle L., RS

I am very excited to print out invoices and issue certificates for this years licensing.  This is a very user friendly program to work with and so easy to navigate through the licensing component. Thank you for all your help and expertise on creating this software

Susie S., Licensing Admin.


Be in Touch

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Tel: 218-205-3215

Anthony Georgeson, MS, REHS, CEO

Tech Tronix, Incorporated

20266 Copper Landing Drive, Fergus Falls, MN 56537

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