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System Dashboard (Windows Desktop Version)

This is the launching pad or "dashboard" for the entire system when using it on a Windows computer/laptop. The iPhone/iPad layouts have their own custom look and feel that is specific for the device. The Dashboard allows you access to all the features in a simple, beautifully flowing layout. Features are consistently designed to lower the learning curve for users.

The Directory

The Directory Screen is where much of the action occurs. It will be the main screen for much of the searching and launching of inspections, looking at Due lists, maping features, and swimming pool and lodging inventories. Powerful searching engine allows for fast finds of data collections. All fields are searchable and multiple fields can be searched at once.  Found data sets are easily exported to Excel for further use too. 

Issuing Orders

The developer (a practicing EH inspector) has paid particular attention to layout the issuing orders screen to have easy access to the tools needed to build a report quickly and efficiently. Having multiple ways to find specific violation language is critical to speed up the data entry process. Among other things, EH Manager allows you to "bookmark" orders that are frequently used to speed up the process.

Inventory Features

One of the major challenges for Environmental Health Programs is keeping track of data for establishments. EH Manager takes care of that and provides comprehensive inventory features for swimming pools and lodging facilities. Inventories for sanitizers and temperature recordings are kept as well for quick access on follow-up inspections.

Data Feedback/Performance Measurements

The information stored within a database is additionally valuable if it can be reported back to the user. EH Manager has several built in reporting and "bean-counting" tools that can provide management evaluation info on inspection totals, risk factor counts, distribution of establishments to staff and inspection frequency performance. In addition, data can be easily exported out to Excel format for any type of analysis.

Conference for Food Protection (CFP) Report

In EH Manager, the Conference for Food Protection Report is automatically populated for the line items that are marked out of compliance (issued). For example, if you write an order that there is no Certified Food Protection Manager, then item #2 on the CFP form is automatically marked "out" and marked in red color on-screen.

Google Forms Self-Assessment Integration

EH Manager, now has the capability to pull data from Google Forms. This feature provides a communication link between an establishment operator and the regulatory authority during emergency situations or other in-house policies that allow well run establishments to submit a self-inspection to an Agency for review. This can have mulitple benefits:

  1. Reduce driving time to and from establishments that in some cases may have no violations;

  2. Cost savings for otherwise lost employee time;

  3. Allows for more focused inspector time with establishments that are not performing well;

  4. Provides a consistent educational tool for operators through a self-reporting process ;

  5. Reduce need for adding staff as programs grow;

  6. Hold budgets in check with increasing salaries;

  7. Helps keep license fees from continuous increases;

  8. Minimal contact COVID compliant inspection tool.

*an on-site verification audit can be performed anytime for an establishment

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