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Setup and Pricing

Let us do the work...

One of the many challenges of smaller local health programs is acquiring the resources to purchase and administer a high end data system to manage Environmental Health data. EH Manager can remove this obstacle. It is designed to be a flexible and nimble solution for smaller Local Public Health Programs that are many times on constrained budgets. We will move in your existing licensing information for you from a basic Excel file.

Contact us for a free demo of the software and for setup and pricing details on how this system can work for you.

Note: If your local program is using regulatory language (rules and citations) that is not currently part of the EH Manager product, that language will need to be provided in order for you to issue the proper violation language. Let us know and we can help you get started on that process...  If you already have "standard order" language established for your program, we can import that information for you and get you rolling quickly.

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